Carved Door with an Eagle and Salmon
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Scroll all of the way to the bottom to see the interior side and all of the closeup photos of the elements.
salmon eagle wooden entry door
This is the door viewed from the exterior. When the door is installed, the three parts will be framed into the opening with trim. The tree trunk section between the left sidelight and the door is a carved trim piece that completes the tree trunk effect. The size of this door is 42" x 96". The sidelights are 17" x 86". I can make this door any size you choose. The carved glass was created by Visions in Glass of Grass Valley CA,
eagle sculpture holding salmon
fish swimming under water
This is the handle of the door carved to look like a broken branch.
wood door pull carving
These next two photos are closeup views of the sidelight carvings.
salmon fishing scene
etched glass sidelight
This is a view of the interior side of the door carved in low relief. A carving like this, carved on one side, would be less expensive than the high relief carving on the exterior side. I could also eliminate the glass and have the upper portion of the door be a solid wood panel with the eagle carved on the panel, further lowering the price.
fishing scene front door
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