Mantel Prices

Each mantel is custom made. Prices are determined by size, type of material, design and the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art. If you have a budget in mind, We can design the mantels to fit. If you are on a tight schedule, you can put up a plywood box that the mason can rock up to and slide the mantel in later and tuck point around it.

If you want a custom design, We requre a $250 deposit for sketches. Don't be afraid to suggest any ideas you might have. We take pride in our ability to tailor the price and design to each client's needs. The sketch fee includes two re-draws. We would need to know the size you are looking for.

The mantels come fully finished and have a cut out on the back to hang the mantel from. The cost of shipping will vary with the item, size, weight, destination and any fuel surcharges applicable at the time of shipping. If you want them to be shipped insured, the insurance cost is calculated as a percentage of the price of the item.

These are sample prices to give you idea of what you can expect to pay for a mantel. Shipping is extra.  All mantel prices quoted are for 5' mantels. Any mantel design can be done as a box structure, 8" x 8" solid beam, carved on a log or as a 1 1/2" thick facia piece that can be attached to the surface of your mantel. Prices will vary depending on style of mantel.

Fish Mantel 5' Long x 12" tall including corbels $1950
Walking Bear Mantel 5' long x 8" tall x 8" deep Incense Cedar $1650
Jumping Fish Mantel 5' long x 15" tall including log corbels and fish x 9" deep $3850
Bird Mantel 5' long x 12" tall x 8" deep. Incense Cedar
$4200 with pine cones and $3800 with oak leaves
Baby Raccoon Mantel 5' x 11" $3200
The price of the mantels below will vary with the number of elements and overall design.
The photo below is a detail of the mantel shown above
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